Milk & Honey is a 21st century hybrid entertainment management company with a focus on music. We are driven by two important disciplines — A&R and marketing.  The company is a privately owned boutique with a fundamental belief that a select group of executives with high level relationships and diverse skill-sets can execute faster than larger slow-moving companies. We represent some of the most successful songwriter, producer and artist talent in the world with over 400 million records sold across the firm’s clients. Successful pop producers and writers as diverse as David Hodges and Jamie Hartman to Sir Nolan and Oak Felder rely on Milk & Honey’s team to represent them for the world, among other prolific talent. In 2016 and 2017, Milk & Honey’s clients controlled a significant portion of the pop charts around the world, specifically the US, the UK and Australia. The company has proper offices in both Los Angeles and New York with key executives for artist management, songwriter/producer creative, tv/film/ad synch licensing, branding + marketing and international strategy. The company is slated to open their Nashville office by end of 2017. The company has a strong international focus with relationships on the highest level beyond America, in territories like Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, latin America and even remote music markets like Africa, Russia and India. The company’s president Lucas Keller, launched Milk & Honey in late 2014 with over 13 years of experience as a concert promoter, manager and entrepreneur in music.  Prior to starting Milk and Honey, Keller spent 4 years at Beverly Hills powerhouse, The Collective. Keller was a manager in The Collective’s music department, a group who represented Linkin Park, Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias and others at the height of the business.  Milk & Honey and our clients have received multiple gold and platinum certification awards, Billboard chart certifications, BMI/ASCAP pop awards, Grammys, Golden Globes, Junos, Arias, Mercurys, Brits and together, the team has helped these clients and their music reach the furthest corners of the globe. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Milk & Honey works closely with the major television networks, film studios, advertising agencies, trailer houses, gaming companies, and music supervisors to place music within visual media.  In 2015, the company launched an electronic music initiative, largely led by the opening of a New York office to serve the US and European markets simultaneously. Milk & Honey works to create and drive hit songs in the dance world, specifically cross-over pop records. The marketing side of the company produces events throughout the year and also works with lifestyle brands for their entertainment strategy. As a group with such deep relationships with key decision makers at most companies in entertainment, Milk & Honey is an ideal partner for brands who want to establish a real foothold in music and entertainment. Peter Coquillard runs international strategy for the company, Nic Warner runs A&R and creative alongside Keller, Carter Gregory does pop creative and New York is led by Alex Harrow with managers Dave Frank, Nat Esten, and Jimmy Hession. The Los Angeles office is located in the miracle mile district, just east of Beverly Hills and the New York office is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the waterfront.

los angelesnew york
(pictured above L to R, Los Angeles office, Brooklyn office)